Pothole complaints treble

Pothole complaints treble

12th April 2019 Blog 0

Figures released earlier this year show that from 2017 to 2018, the amount of complaints to the Council has almost trebled from 3,882 to 10,189.

It’s not a surprise. Anyone who has travelled on our roads knows how poor many of them are. Potholes damage vehicles, and are dangerous to cyclists; they cause accidents – and are completely avoidable. Only it can be difficult to get potholes repaired.

Only yards from my home, the road surface was so poor that one road in my village was labelled the fifth worst road for potholes in the country by the AA; a monument to repeated failures to remedy the crumbling highway. For months, CWaC ignored the evidence of the dangerous road, and were immune to the constant reports and complaints from local residents. It took the national press to shame them into action. Within a month of publication, the road was resurfaced.

Of course, being CWaC, they had come back the following month, as they hadn’t done the job properly.

This shambles and incompetence from this Labour-run administration cannot continue. The Government have given CWaC £3.5m to repair our crumbling highways – and it’s about time they did just that.

First time.

Picture used under CC-license from Sam Saunders onFlickr