Parish NHB cash taken

Parish NHB cash taken

6th April 2019 Blog 0

Central Government award authorities a cash sum for every new property that is built (or returned to use) in their area – this is called the New Homes Bonus. Until April 2016, Cheshire West and Chester Council gave 20% of this additional cash to the parish councils.

In 2016, CWaC asked local residents for permission to retain all of this Government bonus. A whopping 94% of respondents told CWaC to keep funding local communities who relied on their share of the New Homes Bonus. To allow parish councils to invest in community facilities, like village halls and parks. 94% of respondents to their own consultation rejected CWaC’s proposal to cut this funding to parish councils.

I was one of them. I responded to the consultation, and was aghast at the behaviour of the council. Condemned by local residents and MPs, the Labour administration ploughed on, ignoring residents.

One Parish Council responded that “the money is essential for providing much needed services“; another stated “local town and Parish Councils should not be penalised financially because of the poor financial management of CWaC

But they were.

Despite all these pages and pages of valid objections, the Labour administration ripped the funding from our towns and our villages. Back in 2016, I submitted a public FoIA Request to ask what responses the Council received and what alternative actions they had considered. You can see how much they stonewalled the latter!

In 2019/20, CWaC are getting over £10m for the New Homes Bonus. It’s time to give some of that back to the Parish Councils and Town Councils.

It’s time to right that wrong. I want to fund our local communities rather than making them pay for the financial mismanagement of others.